How do I change common PDF options?

In order to change the more common options for your PDFs, simply add the following action to your themes functions.php

function custom_bewpi_mpdf_options( $options ) {
    $options['mode'] = '';
    $options['format'] = ''; // use [format]-L or [format]-P to force orientation (A4-L will be size A4 with landscape orientation)
    $options['default_font_size'] = 0;
    $options['default_font'] = 'opensans';
    $options['margin_left'] = 14;
    $options['margin_right'] = 14;
    $options['margin_top'] = 14;
    $options['margin_bottom'] = 0;
    $options['margin_header'] = 14;
    $options['margin_footer'] = 6;
    $options['orientation'] = 'P'; // Also try to force with format option

    return $options;
add_filter( 'bewpi_mpdf_options', 'custom_bewpi_mpdf_options' );

Please test the functionality on a development environment of your website. If it ceases to work, please revert back to the original state of your website and follow the tutorial again.

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